Summer Produce

Finally! I said we were on the map when Starbucks showed up in our local strip. I said we were really on the map when Clyde’s opened up it’s flagship restaurant just a few blocks down from our house. Oh, and Bonefish Grill– we’ve arrived!
But what I think what really puts a community on the map is the arrival of the Saturday Farmer’s Market. And this past Saturday it finally happened– on the back lot of our neighborhood community center, Farmer John (I kid you not) pulled up his pick up trucks and unloaded palettes of locally-grown produce. I grabbed Graham and we loaded up on squash, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peaches, and a dozen ears of corn. Here’s a little tip– be sure to inspect the ears of corn your five-year-old picks out, they may come with extra, slightly wormy, protein.

I’m also excited about the produce that I’ve managed to get going in my own garden this year. First, there’s an herb garden of thyme, sage, basil, and rosemary. So far I’ve only used the basil and rosemary as I haven’t been cooking as much this summer as thought I would. I will have to remedy that.

Of course, what’s a garden without tomatoes. I’m trying out some giant, heirloom beefsteaks. The plant started out a little slow, but midway through the summer it exploded in size and in blooms. It’s finally loaded up with fruit and I’m having visions of tomato, mozzarella, and basil salads in my future.

The biggest surprise was my single jalapeƱo plant. I’ve harvested quite a few peppers from that plant and it seems I haven’t made a dent. There’s enough there to try a little experimentation. I think I’m going to try putting a bunch in the smoker and make some of my own chipotle sauce. I’ll document how that goes– it’s going to be spicy!

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