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Coffee Talk at BlogWorldExpo

It must be pure as an angel.
Strong as love.
Black as the devil
And hot as hell.

– Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

I’m at BlogWorldExpo 2008, in the cool, stylish, exciting, entertaining, tragically seedy, and love-or-hate-it city of Las Vegas. I’ve much to blog about which I eventually will including a tour of Belgium beers at the Burger Bar with Cliff Lusso from Global Beer, a fantastic lunch at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, and an excellent dinner at Todd English’s Olives.

But it was coffee on my mind this morning after a late night of exploring the LV Strip. Of course SBUX was my ultimate supplier– I spotted a Peet’s at Mandalay Bay, but it’s a little too far. The drip delivered in it’s two tablespoons per six ounces, and I got my fix.

And therein lies the question: two Tbl of coffee to six ounces of water? Really? Have you ever tried that at home? I have, proper grind density and all, and do you know what? Strength: Pure biodiesel. So what’s up with that recommended recipe, Starbucks? We find that at home, around 1.5 Tbl (or a well-rounded Tbl) per six ounces produces a perfectly strong brew for us, though everyone complains, er, remarks, that our coffee is on the strong side. I feel that anything less produces a taste that’s over-extracted and burned.

So how does your mileage vary?