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Beer Can Chicken– Does the Beer matter?

I finally got around to making Beer Can Chicken after seeing it in about 400 cooking shows, 273 cooking magazines, and 4.7 million websites. In most of those presentations I saw a common thing– the beer being used was typically a watered-down American pilsner. And I thought, “well, American Pilsner, you can make football even more entertaining with your wonderful commercials, but I doubt you can punch up the flavor of a grill-roasted chicken.” And with that in mind, I sought to find a full-flavored beer that came in a can, would lend it self well in aromatic cooking, and was worthy of getting shoved up a chicken’s butt.

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Defending Against Grease Splatter

Aluminum Foil Gone Wild

Or, more accurately, “How I maintain diplomatic relations when cooking on the griddle in my Mother-in-Law’s kitchen”.

I was going through photos from this last year and had a laugh at this one. I can’t remember what it was I was making, I think I was using it to sear a beef tenderloin, but this was the defensive wall that went up around the stove in my MIL’s kitchen. Obviously, cleanup was a breeze!
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